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Anonymous said: Hey, can I ask why you dislike Strangelove/Huey? c:









Because Strangelove was built up to be a lesbian throughout Peace Walker and instead of respecting that they threw her with this guy because “why the fuck not right???” I don’t know it came off to me as “women are only lesbians until they meet the right guy” and I thought she deserved better than that. The ship completely disregards her sexuality and the struggles she went through to become comfortable with who she is. 

Fully agree. I am not a militant lesbian, but this really made me sad. 

They never suggested that Strangelove was sexually attracted to Huey — it could be an entirely platonic love (or respect) where she accepts to have his child due to equal interest in the future (this is not unheard of in real life). In addition, that UK Metal Gear site has a ton of inaccuracies - so it isn’t certain.

Regardless of whether it’s legitimate or not, Peace Walker STILL hints at their relationship very very heavily, and I still find the ship to be pretty gross, which was the question I was asked. No explanation or “platonic love” justification is gonna make Strangelove having Huey’s kid okay for me. 

I saw those “hints” as being Strangelove being an asshole to Huey to get him to back off with his obsession over her. She went as far as to give him a seemingly impossible challenge, that was incredibly ableist, so that maybe he’d finally be discouraged. I haven’t played the game in a while now so I may be mistaken, but that’s how I felt while I was playing and going through the tapes.

I seriously do not see why Strangelove would be Hal’s mother, all we know is Huey divorced Hal’s mother or she left on her own accord, but I wouldn’t put it past Kojima and Konami to erase her sexuality and romantic identity like that. “give the guy a chance” bullshit and all

Strangelove wasn’t talking about Hueys legs oh my God standing on your own two feet is a expression that Huey took way too literally. She wanted him to be his own person.

You’re stupid as hell, I think, and pretty ablest. 

Why would you use a statement like that with someone who can’t walk? Like, she shows no remorse for using it either, so she obviously knew that it was wrong to say 

Like… he even took it literally (he even built himself legs!) 

If she didnt want to be ableist she could have said something different, she didn’t have to use that specific expression 

"You’re ableist" 

"Also you’re stupid" 

This website is amazing

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sharknado has nothing on the pure destructive forces of the bunnado


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Kojima is literally using puppies to distract us about the lack of a release date.

I am a-okay with this tactic.

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Bonus “personal data” radio images in MGS3 obtained by frequently calling each contact.

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protect these cuties at all costs

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